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Dr. Rachel Redding (R.R. Shakti) is a teacher, artist, and writer who holds a doctoral degree for her work on Mythology, Depth Psychology and Goddess Traditions.

Shakti presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. Through contemplative story-telling and mind/body practices, she offers a vision of deep peace and inner power. Shakti has taught yoga, wellness and spiritual activism since 1999. She founded Inner Power Yoga in 2001. These days, she is committed to inspiring hearts for spiritual fulfillment, relationship intimacy and creative freedom through the Soul Artist Academy.

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...her blend of spirituality, non-judgement, and open hearted fun opened the door to what has become [an endless] journey on the mat..."
Micheal Franti | Micheal Franti & Spearhead
photo: ZIGZAG
“Colorful, magnetic, creative, passionate, dynamic...
With such grace and optimism, Shakti always seems to tap into the deeper current of Truth beyond the surface waves of what is apparent...Her teaching style is deeply engaging.

– Dhyana Masla | Stanton Street Yoga, New York NY.

“R.R. Shakti, has been, and is, an incredible inspiration. She has helped me to grow and broadened my understanding of how we are all connected—not only to each other but also to our planet, our universe, and the great divine that resides in all beings. 
–Talaya Thomas | Unity Productions Steamboat Springs CO

“..She not only is an amazing wealth of knowledge, she also embodies the depth of yoga and lives it in all aspects of her life. She has cultivated an exquisite capacity to lead, relate, and transmit the wisdom of her studies through living it."
–Thomas Radtke, Sedona Arizona

“..Being a student of Shakti’s for more than ten years has given me the tools I need to face my shadows and expose my true light. Her innate wisdom to teach from the heart coupled with her genuine love of teaching, constantly inspires me to want to live my life from its highest potential as authentically as I can. Her gift and ability to share through storytelling makes learning from her a unique privilege unlike any other student/teacher experience."
–Colleen Rose | Keeping Up with Colleen, Miramar Lake FL

“Shakti is the kind of teacher you can practice and study with time and time again. Her unique transmissions encompass a multitude of layers. She is infinitely interesting and interested. In just one encounter, you’ll feel enriched and the teachings, the breadth she is capable of imprinting, will continue to expand and reveal itself for many moments to come.”
–Erin Watkins | Blue Earth, Leadville CO

“Shakti has this unique joyously maternal intensity that provides a balance rare in practice. As she guides you through class, she leads you on a journey colored with myth, tantra, science, love, and likely many giggles—and you follow her every step of the way. She is the teacher who reminds you of your true nature and reflects that back to you: she offers you an experience of yourself as love...and patiently waits for you to take it.”
–Gretchen Fruchey | Gretchen Fruchey Yoga, Fort Wayne IN

“The vast breadth and depth of Shakti’s wisdom and knowledge is perfectly matched and balanced by her expansive heart. She uses psychology and myth, holistic wisdom, experience, and the ancient texts and stories of yoga to infuse all of her teachings. Shakti is thoughtful, spiritual, and sage. She teaches with grace from the depth of her own eternal light and shines it radiantly on everyone she meets."
–Ingrid Sepahpur, Lincoln NE

“Studying under Shakti was an amazing spiritual awakening! She is the most studied individual I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She empowered each of us to find our own path as an instructor by educating us with science-based information. I am more then prepared to lead others to the wonderful path of yoga!"
–Traci Rocho, Fremont IN

“My life began feeling quite different after my first experience with Shakti. Her energy and teachings, I will take with me all through life. In a world desperately seeking love, Shakti has managed  to be an effortless and endless wellspring. I am forever grateful to not only be a student but as Shakti says “a student/teacher/friend."
–Casey McVay | Hobbs, NM

“R.R. Shakti speaks with such clarity that she simply dispels those nagging little consequences of stress in the modern world. My trust in myself is absolute, my love for others is limitless. She turned my life in a new direction, and all in 45 minutes."
–Jonathan Catmur via Shakti Yogi Journal

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 The Soul Artist Treasury was founded by R.R. Shakti, PhD in 2020 as a platform for creative study & contemplative practice.