Thank you!! to everyone who wished me a Happy Soulrise Day today. 
As a gift to you, I have uploaded my Birthday Meditation for you to use on your own Soulrise Day...
 or ANY DAY as a celebration of your life. Happy Birthday!!  
 R.R. Shakti                     
"Indian wisdom is the profoundest which exists...
The further we get, the more closely do we approach the views of the Indians. Psychological research confirms, step by step, the assertions contained...within the old Indian science of the soul" 
(Keyserling, quoted in The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga xix).

In 2008, it was reported that, “Americans spend 5.7 billion dollars each year on yoga classes and products” (Macy). Today, there is every reason to speculate a continued increase in yoga’s national popularity. Since its arrival to the United States in the mid 19th century, yoga has achieved a level of accessibility and commercialization to be called a big business. Yoga classes are as diverse as the people who teach them and cater to an expanding set of needs and interests, from weight loss to stress reduction. Many American yogis are delving deeper into the origins of Yoga—mythology, philosophy and theory—to experience a realization of the Self [1].

Yoga, which literally means ‘yoking’ (Eliade 9), suggests the union of all that is considered as separate, other, or disjointed, into one. In its purest essence, Yoga explores the relationship of the finite to the Infinite. It aims to marry the psyche and the body, the spiritual with the physical. In the words of psychologist, C. G. Jung: It offers “connection between the specific nature of the non-ego and the conscious ego” to produce “the light of a higher suprapersonal consciousness” (“Kundalini Yoga” xxiii)...

Don’t miss out on a truly magical and authentic yoga festival in Telluride this July 9-12, 2015

The 8th Annual Telluride Yoga Festival is a 4-day event featuring over 100 offerings including yoga, meditation, music, hiking, dining, social gatherings and more.  Intimate workshops are held throughout the towns of Telluride & Mountain Village in eclectic and historic venues with stunning views of the majestic mountains surrounding the Telluride area…making it a unique and special gathering unlike any other.  

There will be over 40 Presenters this year include Sianna Sherman, Tias Little, Christina Sell, Peter Sterios, Micheline Berry, Gina Caputo and R.R. Shakti! 

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It's that time again! The Leadville IPY Tribe is exploring the Upanishads and creating beautiful and authentically individualized responses to their favorite passages. Below is a submission of artwork and poetry by Jackie Allen. See more in the Tribe Art Gallery
Mundaka POEM
Beautiful as the darkness between the fireflies
Intrinsic as the virtue of the oak contained within the acorn
Infinite potentiality for eternal unfolding
Through Atman’s transcendence and wisdom shall Brahman be found. 
Atman is the fireflies – Brahman the darkness between;
Atman the creatures – Brahman the ONE life of all, no eyes have seen. 
Atman tastes the sweetness and bitter fruits of life;
Brahman is SUPREME and above Atman’s strife.
To see Brahman – you do not need eyes
The illusion of Brahman, is Atman in disguise.
To feel Brahman – you do not need hands
The essence of Brahman is within and beyond Atman’s lands. 
To express Brahman – you do not need even a single word...

faith+love= Devotion
Bhakti is Love of another kind. It is deep and steadfast devotion. 

Recently an STF sent me an email with the following message: 

“On a different note, I want to ask you a question about devotion. When did you learn the meaning of devotion?  And how?  I feel like there are so many different things to be devoted to—yoga, work, lovers, ourselves—but I have found it challenging, at times, to sustain that devotion. Any insight would be invaluable.”

In a later conversation she expounded that devotion was something she had always been afraid of, but had come to see in it both beauty and strength. She found that having devotion in her everyday life was the challenge. She is not the first STF to inquire about bhakti, heart wide open and ready to experience Love of another kind. 

The Sufi poet, Rumi, wrote: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” This is the challenge of the bhakti yogin: to remove the barriers to Love. 

Bhakti is a beautiful mystery. It cannot be feigned, but it must be practiced...