On Authenticity, Motherhood and taking “Smoking” Breaks!...
Alba Creales interviews R.R. Shakti for “Daily Habits of the Urban Yogi.” 
Find both Alba and Shakti in the YogaZone at ARISE Yoga Festival next month! 

American Ideal and the Baby Soul
An Independence Day Podcast on what it means to be truly liberated in our yoga practice.  
Don’t miss out on a truly magical and authentic yoga festival in Telluride this July 9-12, 2015

The 8th Annual Telluride Yoga Festival is a 4-day event featuring over 100 offerings including yoga, meditation, music, hiking, dining, social gatherings and more.  Intimate workshops are held throughout the towns of Telluride & Mountain Village in eclectic and historic venues with stunning views of the majestic mountains surrounding the Telluride area…making it a unique and special gathering unlike any other.  

There will be over 40 Presenters this year include Sianna Sherman, Tias Little, Christina Sell, Peter Sterios, Micheline Berry, Gina Caputo and R.R. Shakti! 

For details or to purchase passes, go to www.tellurideyogafestival.com.  
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Next week, our Leadville Tribe will offer a series of yoga classes on donation, with proceeds going to CARE, to support disaster relief in Nepal. Each workshop is an opportunity for the graduates to showcase their education through the 200 hour Inner Power Yoga® Training.  
Tuesday, 5/5
8-9 a.m. Jackie
6-7 p.m. Inner Spring Cleaning: Kayla

Wednesday, 5/6
6-7 pm. Nicole

Thursday, 5/7
8-9 a.m. Gwen
6-7 p.m. Charlotte

Friday, 5/8
8-9 a.m. Hannah
noon-1 p.m. Erin

Saturday, 5/9
8-9 a.m. Inner Power Yoga with Shakti 

"If my body is made primarily of water and animated by the breath, is it possible to call the water in the body “mine” and the air outside of my lungs “the world”?...I notice that the body can’t be separated from the natural world except in my imagination...I move the body and I’m moving a corner of the world...”  ~ Michael Stone

We need water. 
As much as 78% of the human body is water. This same water cycles through absorption and evaporation to the air around us, the clouds, and is rained down into the oceans. In this way, our bodies are directly connected the entire world. 
The following meditation is a invocation of healing for your physical body and the body of Mother Earth. 
Thank you!! to everyone who wished me a Happy Soulrise Day today. 
As a gift to you, I have uploaded my Birthday Meditation for you to use on your own Soulrise Day...
 or ANY DAY as a celebration of your life. Happy Birthday!!